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Client Case Study: Site Launch and SEO – What a Difference a Year Makes

Client Case Study: Site Launch and SEO – What a Difference a Year Makes

Ever wondered what search engine optimisation (SEO) can do for your business? Do more sales and a big revenue boost sound good? That is precisely what happened to one of our clients. Last year we designed a brand new website for them to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. We also continued to run an SEO campaign and Facebook Ads. And the results are making our client very happy!

Impressive 48% Increase in Revenue in 12 Months

They wanted more customers, more sales, and more revenue. Increasing traffic and conversions do not happen overnight. However, our client gave us time and, more importantly, their trust. In return, we gave them a complete digital marketing campaign. Our online strategies transformed their business in 12 months.

Revenue Boost from £315k to £469k

Google Analytics show what a difference a year makes. This revenue and conversion rate proves that we get results for our client:

  • Increase in revenue by 48.85% (£315k to £469k)
  • E-commerce conversion rate up 51.25%
  • Average order value up 10.45%
  • Number of transactions up 34.76%

SEO is a long-term strategy to increase website traffic and organic search rankings – patience and dedication yield lasting results over seeking a shortcut.

Trust TRCREATIVE to Make the Difference

We knew we could help our client leverage SEO once they gave us the go-ahead to design and relaunch their website. Here is what happened:

  • Our work optimised the site’s technical aspects, such as page speed and user experience (UX).
  • The client trusted us to work on their digital marketing (SEO and Facebook ads).
  • We are consistent with our SEO strategies to ensure our client maintains a successful web presence.

To succeed with SEO, we continually reassess and adjust our technical strategies in response to changes in algorithms or user behaviour. Consequently, our client reaps the rewards.

Revenue From Organic Searches Results in 88.5% More Sales

We can also see from the latest Google Analytics that organic searches led to 88.5% more sales for our client! Organic searches are an important part of our SEO work. And it involves reviewing keywords and user intent, also known as search intent.

Optimising web pages for keywords and the intent of the searcher is a win-win scenario. It gives the searcher exactly what they want. And this usually results in more sales for our client. Incorporating keywords in web page titles, headlines and body content also helps to improve the visibility of our client’s site in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Seeing Results from Ongoing SEO Efforts

Improving a business’s online presence depends on many factors, including how much effort you put into your SEO. Our client started seeing business pick up within six months. A year later, our SEO and Facebook ads are really paying off. More visitors to our client’s website, more sales and increased revenue has generated a healthier business that stands out from the competition. And our client knows that ongoing SEO efforts will continue to benefit their business.

What’s next?

This client has tasked TRCREATIVE to reach seven figures in online sales in the next 3 years. Watch this space!

Free SEO Audit

Our clients trust us with their business. They give us complete control over their website, confident that we will significantly increase their online visibility and reach customers who may otherwise not find them. They are also happy for us to take the lead with their digital marketing, ensuring maximising exposure on search engine result pages. Moreover, we can do the same for you.

So, if you want to improve your online presence and boost revenue, take a second to fill out a form for a free SEO audit. Then, someone from our award-winning SEO agency will be in touch. Alternatively, call us on 01270 610441.

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