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As an experienced email marketing agency, we work with our clients as hands on or hands off as they require. We can simply design a template which can be upload to your platform of choice or we can take the reigns and design and deliver your campaign followed up by analytics highlight the success.

Email Template

Our preferred platform is MailChimp and although they supply many off the shelf templates, our designers specialise in design and building email templates that fit directly within MailChimp, giving you the ability to manage future campaigns whilst maintaining your brand consistency. We can manage these for you, or you we can be there to support you if and when you need us.

Email Marketing Analytics

The email campaign has landed in your customers’ inbox, now we need to analyse the data; opens, bounces, clicks and conversion rates. What worked, what didn’t work? The more data we have, the more we can fine tune your next email campaign to reach your goals.

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