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We all use social media, and we’ve all seen adverts on social media. If you’ve got a Facebook page, chances are that you’ve ‘boosted a post’. In it’s rawest form, this is Social Media Advertising.

As an experienced social media marketing agency, TRCREATIVE have run campaigns for multiple companies, from national brands to local colleges. We’re confident we’re the best facebook ads agency to run your digital marketing campaign.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that Facebook actually owns Instagram, so your campaign can be served to all Facebook users and Instagram users, that’s ~2bn users!

We’ll start by discussing your goals, these will drive the objective of your marketing campaign – this is really important, as Facebook will use this objective to target your adverts to the relevant people. If it’s to gain likes, Facebook will deliver your advert to users most likely to Like a page, likewise, if the campaign is traffic, Facebook will deliver your campaign to users most likely to click.

Once we have the objective, we can build our target audience, this is where Facebook’s power is unbeatable. Target by age, gender, location, interests, do they already like a similar product or follow a competitor – the possibilities are endless.

We’ll always suggest multiple audiences, this will give us the data to determine and narrow your perfect target audience and therefore reducing the cost per action.

Each advert will be designed for your goal, and each advert delivered to each audience. Most of the time, we’ll have multiples adverts so we can test and see which works the best for your target audience and goal.

As an agency, we can also help with Social media management.

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