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Eating Out in Cheshire

If you are planning on visiting Cheshire, it’s very likely that you may want to explore some of the dining options in the area.

With a variety of top restaurants throughout Cheshire, you can have a wealth of flavors to explore during the time you are there.

Here are some of the top restaurants in Cheshire that you should consider during your stay:

Pierogi, Chester

Located at 44 Brook Street in Chester, this traditional Polish eatery features some of the best pierogi’s in the UK. If you’re looking for a simple bite to eat in a casual setting, this can be an excellent stop for lunch or even a quick snack. With its reasonable prices and its menu of a wide array of pierogi’s there are a wealth of flavors to try out here.

Poppy Rose, Northwich

This location is a furnishings store as well as a tearoom. You can explore some of the wide ranges of unique tea furnishings and comfortable café décor as you enjoy traditional tea. This is one of the best places for an afternoon snack or for some unique vintage finds. Be sure to stop in at Poppy Rose for a traditional tea during your time in Northwich.

Chai Station, Chester

If you are looking for some of the best vegetarian food across Chester, you should consider checking out Chai station. Located at 91 Brook Street, the restaurant is a fusion of Indian food with mostly vegetarian ingredients.

Almost every item on the menu was considered vegetarian Indian and the food here has some incredible flavors. If you are stopping off in Chester and you are interested in getting some of the best authentic Indian food, this is a wonderful place that you can enjoy during your stay.

The Clink Restaurant, Wilmslow

this gourmet restaurant is set in a converted chapel. It’s one of the popular places for Sunday lunch or for traditional tea in Wilmslow. With gourmet dinner options available and a wide range of menu items, this is a fine dining experience that’s unlike any other in the area. Enjoy marveling at the architecture as you enjoy a quality gourmet meal here.

Picanha by Fazenda, Chester

This Brazilian style dining experience is a popular lunch and dinner spot in Chester. If you are looking for some fine cuts of meat and a Brazilian style steakhouse, this is a wonderful dining experience during your stay. The large skewers of meat are all perfectly cooked and you can enjoy traditional dishes like Brazilian style pork, stuffed vine leaves, breads and more.

This could be the perfect place for a birthday celebration or a fine evening out. It is conveniently located in Chester.

Consider some of these top restaurants if you are seeking something unique during your stay in Cheshire. The region is particularly well known for its wide selection of foods so it could be important to try a number of different restaurants during your stay to experience the true cultural eating in Cheshire!

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