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Top things to do in Cheshire

If you are planning on going to Cheshire for a weekend or sometime away, then there a number of excellent attractions that you can check out during your stay.

If you are looking for some excellent activities to try out in Cheshire, here are some of the top things to do:


The county town in this area is a beautiful spot to explore. The walks along the Roman Castrum layout can be a beautiful experience and much of the area is completed in the same format as it stood 2000 years ago. Medieval streets and cobblestone are there to greet you.

The Chester zoo

As one of the best family fun experiences the zoo is staffed by a large number of volunteers and professional zoologists. It’s one of the most popular zoos in the UK with nearly 2100 animals and 500 different species across the area. It sees up to 2 million visitors every year as a full day visitor attraction. You could easily spend half of your weekend or a part of your holiday here.


As a town served by canals in the countryside, this is a beautiful place where you can get away from it all. There’s a Boat Festival here as well as an extremely busy schedule of live music down by the water at some of the most popular pubs.

West park museum

As one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities in the area, this museum was originally founded by an explorer Marianne Brocklehurst in 1898. There’s a wide range of artifacts here and it can be a great museum for spending an hour or two marvelling in the past.

Gawsworth hall

This is a beautiful walk that also has a wonderful concert season. Going for a walk around the house or attending a show can make for a wonderful experience during your stay.

Keep some of these top things to do in Cheshire in mind for your next stay.


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