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Top things to do in Chester

During your stay in Chester and the Northwest of England, you can enjoy an immense history of an area that was once founded as a Roman Fortress. The older city has many rows of a shopping district as well as plenty of examples of Tutor-styling buildings. As well as exploring the city centre, here are some of the top things to do in Chester:

Chester Cathedral: As a medieval cathedral, this is a highly historical building. It was first built on this site in 1092 with tours happening regularly. There is a tower that boasts 216 steps and a café/shop throughout the grounds which you can use for a quality afternoon of reflection.

The Chester City walls: This fortification guards the city itself. Its construction was first started by the Romans and then established as a fortress between 70-80 ad. The area here is a defensive structure made of turf and earth with a palisade structure that sits below it. The grounds just inside the walls showcase what early life in the fortification would be like.

The Eastgate Clock: This Victorian turret clock is listed as a historic landmark and something that you need to see in Chester. As one of the main symbols of this area, the clock offers the perfect point of reflection in the town centre.

Grosvenor Museum: This museum area places together a galley of local Chester history as well as a number of revolving exhibitions. The majority of what is showcased here is local art and beautiful silver.

The Roman Amphitheatre: Free entry to this attraction will help you see the largest roman amphitheatre in Britain with regular reenactments through the summer. This is an attraction not to be missed during the summer months!

Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you are in Chester. Each of these could be an excellent event during your time here!


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