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Top Things to do in Crewe

Crewe, England can be a wonderful spot to vacation over the short or long term. If you are planning on making a stop to this part of England and you want to enjoy some of the best in attractions during your stay, here are some of the top things to do in Crewe:

Queens park: This historic public park is one of the best places to spend an afternoon with nature. It was designed and commissioned in the year 1888 with the help of a railway engineer and a garden designer Edward Kemp. The original grounds are still maintained meticulously to this day.

Crewe Heritage center: As an indoor and outdoor museum, this is an attraction that will give you plenty to explore over the weekend. There are railway rides from the past as well as more modern railway attractions here. As primarily a railway history museum, this is an attraction that will have you exploring some of the history of transport in the area and the finer points of locomotives.

St Mary’s church: As an active Roman Catholic parish and church of the diocese of Shrewsbury, this is still a popular place for mass on Sunday. The building also has its own extensive history as one of the historical landmarks of the area. As a listed Grade 2 historical building, the church first opened its doors in 1891 and has been kept up since its opening.

Christ Church Tower: As one of the main local landmarks for the area, this tower was first opened in 1877 for the Christ church parish church. It is on Prince albert street as a revival church tower for the area of Crewe England.

Keep some of these top landmarks in mind if you are considering a trip to Crewe. This beautiful place is a welcoming spot for sightseeing!


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