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Whitby Morrison 2024


  • Creative Brochure Design


TRCREATIVE has been partnering with Whitby Morrison, the world’s most famous ice-cream van manufacturer, to showcase the exciting events and achievements over the past year through creative brochure design. For the past five years, TRCREATIVE has designed the annual yearbook for Whitby Morrison.

Whitby Morrison, the world’s leading manufacturer of bespoke ice cream vans and associated vehicles, was founded in 1962 by Bryan Whitby. Today, it remains a thriving family business, operating out of its purpose-built factory in Cheshire.

Whitby Morrison approached TRCREATIVE to create their latest annual yearbook.


TRCREATIVE designed a creatively structured and action-packed brochure that celebrates the numerous achievements Whitby Morrison has accomplished over the past 12 months. A focus this year was on Electric Vehicles and celebrating a commissioned set of paintings by the famous ice cream artist Leigh Lambert!