Wild Bird Seed


  • Product Branding
  • Packaging Design


At TRCREATIVE we love designing innovative and eye-catching product branding and packaging design. We are thrilled to introduce our latest creation: a vibrant and modern packaging line for wild bird seed that not only stands out on the shelf but also appeals to bird enthusiasts who value quality and convenience. The new range features three delightful products – peanuts (850g), sunflower hearts (400g), and table mix (800g) – all designed to enhance your garden bird-watching experience.


At TRCREATIVE, we understand the importance of visibility and appeal in retail environments. That’s why we have meticulously crafted packaging that not only attracts attention with its bright and contemporary colours but also offers transparency for customers to see the premium quality of our bird feed. Each product – be it the 850g peanuts, 400g sunflower hearts, or 800g table mix – is packaged in a way that highlights its freshness and suitability for both seed feeders and bird tables. Our design ensures that these products stand out on the shelf, making it easy for customers to choose the best for their feathered friends while enjoying the convenience and confidence of seeing what they are buying.