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5 reasons why you shouldn’t use logo-maker apps

5 reasons why you shouldn’t use logo-maker apps

Your logo is such an essential part of your business, you want to get the design right, right? Tempting as it might be to use an online logo maker, it is not advisable. Logo generator apps such as Wix or Canva might sound like the quickest and cheapest solution but quick and cheap are not necessarily better. Not when it comes to your logo. This is far too important. A generic design won’t represent your business in the same way that a bespoke logo can.

1. Not unique

With an online logo creator, you work with predesigned icons and symbols that are available to everyone. As a result, other businesses could create the same, or similar logo to yours. At TRCREATIVE, we specialise in logo design and creating a bespoke brand identity. We know that your logo must be unique and relevant. We work closely with our clients to create an original logo with high visual impact while communicating what their business is about.

2. Too generic

A logo generator takes a generic approach because it has to appeal to hundreds and thousands of businesses. Logos with broad appeal, available to everyone, lack that distinctive, creative design edge. TRCREATIVE creates logos that are noticeable and different. Our process explores colours, fonts, shapes and illustrations. This allows us to visualise and then shape a logo around your brand to make it stand out for all the right reasons.

3. Causes confusion

Just as you can’t write an original book by copying someone else’s words, you can’t create an original logo by using a logo generator with its off-the-shelf icons, symbols and colours. It is confusing for customers and potential customers if businesses with similar logos are in the same or similar market. You don’t want to mislead the customer. You want to build their trust and gain their respect. People are loyal to brands because they trust them.

4. Lacks creativity

The logo maker can’t ask questions. It doesn’t know your business. It can’t understand what your brand is about. TRCREATIVE gets to the heart of this. We incorporate your specific values and qualities into the logo design. We bring a level of thought and analysis to the design that you simply can’t get with a logo generator. We bring creative expression to the logo and create a unique story within the artwork. The result is a strong, distinctive piece of work that can be used for market communications to show consistency across your brand.

5. Copycat design

If you’ve used an online logo maker to create your logo, there’s nothing to stop another business generating a similar or identical one, especially if it quick and free to reproduce. The problem is, what’s to stop them from trading on your identity and reputation? To avoid this, the team at TRCREATIVE always turn each marque black and white and upload it to Google image search to ensure that it is unique. We can also work with you to register your new brand identity to protect it.

Contact us today for more information or to commission us as your branding agency. We work on logo design in Cheshire and our business is to help you create the right logo for your business.


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