Your brand is much more than just a logo, it is pivotal in the success of a great business.

Choosing a branding agency is an important decision. Your brand is so much more than just a logo, it’s your company’s purpose and what drives you. It’s your promise to your customers and your team members. It’s a set of expectations, relationships and memories that account for a customer’s decision to choose your product or service over your competitors.

Branding Services

Corporate Branding

A brand is a company’s essence, its tone of voice, its personality, its vision, its culture. It’s the visual solution that brings your brand strategy to life.

Here at TRCREATIVE we offer a tailored service that will create, build, improve, shape and strengthen your brand image; your symbolic promise to your customer base. The corporate term “branding” applies not only to the logo itself but also to the brand style associated with it (that is then transferred to each piece of marketing and promotional collateral – or your brand touchpoints) and also the brand messages you, your employees and your marketing collateral communicate.

We understand that branding has a variety of interpretations. It could mean creating a new identity for a start up, it could also mean wiping the slate clean and starting again for existing businesses, whether that be a simple brand refresh or a complete overhaul in order to bring the business image more up to date and relevant with the companies new direction.

Corporate branding makes a companies image more powerful, positive, and memorable. In this instance, it’s not about promoting products and services. It’s about building brand awareness and standing out from the crowd and competitors. Put simply it means building trust with your target audience.

Your corporate branding enables you to stand out from your competitors, adds value not only aesthetically but also emotionally. It aids your relationships with clients and potential clients and motivates your team to live up to your brand purpose, brand promise and brand values.

Our branding process is broken down into 5 key stages:

    To deliver the most effective solution for you we need to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve – we need to define the challenge you are facing.
    We want to get to know you and your business. What makes you different from your competitors? Where do you want to go? How do you want to be perceived?
    Express, discuss, modify and more research! We put our ideas into practice and create 3 different concepts for you to choose from.
    We know it will be a difficult task choosing only one of the solutions to progress, so we’ll showcase each solution and help you see exactly how your new project could be carried forward. That way you can decide what’s just right for you and on brand.
    Once you make your choice we’ll discuss your thoughts and make any changes that need to be incorporated. Then we’ll focus on delivering your project so you can start enjoying the benefits.
    The launch date isn’t the end of the process. We monitor its success, how well it’s received and, if you choose, work with you to evolve your project, keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

If you have a defined brand strategy to fuel your new brand look, we’ll make sure that everything we choose from the colour palette, use of fonts, structure, layout, imagery and tone of voice for your marketing collateral (including your digital marketing presence), is all in keeping with your brand integrity.

Or if you are just simply looking to achieve a great brand look, then we can help with that too.



Is your brand the driving force in increasing sales or is it costing you business? If it’s the latter, then what would happen if you didn’t invest in a rebrand? Your customers must see the value in your brand and what it can offer them, otherwise, they’ll spend their money with your competitor.

There’s truth in the saying, a change is as good as rest. If your brand is tired and not performing as good as it once did, business will suffer. Customers don’t want “tired”, they want fresh and up to date; they want to buy from an energised brand that’s full of optimism and passion, a brand that reflects the quality of the company it represents.

We specialise in this field because we’ve built up a great deal of experience through rebranding.

TRCREATIVE will guide you through the process, working directly with our senior designers to understand why your current brand doesn’t represent you as well as it should.

Has your product or service changed, do you have a different target audience, maybe a business merger, or you just want a new look that is consistent and professional?

Rebranding comes in many formats, from a more simple brand refresh by using elements from your existing brand but making them more up to date or relevant, to a whole new corporate identity, to a larger full scale rebrand of a brand family, where we rebrand the parent brand and the sub brands within the whole brand architecture or brand group.

In this instance we can either create a monolithic brand, an endorsed brand or a house of brands.

  1. Monolithic brands
    Give consistency and unity to a group of companies. Each constituent follows the master brand’s lead. Because they are consistent, it helps a group cross sell to its customer base more easily.
  2. Endorsed brands
    Show a consistent link between the master brand and the constituent brand – think the Olympic games logos.
  3. House of brands
    Have no consistent brand image with each subsidiary having it’s own, individual identity but always show the master brand image on marketing literature, website footer or back of pack.

Whatever the reason our experienced team of brand experts will help take your brand to the next level.

Product Branding

People are marketed to hundreds of times a day, so how do you stand out? Your brand needs above all to be distinctive, unique and powerful. Telling a story to appeal to your customers and also look great.

We apply buyer psychology to many of our services and product branding is just the same. What makes a person buy a specific product repeatedly? There’s always a subconscious, emotional attachment that speaks to them. We combine research, strategy and creativity to persuade your customers to keep coming back. It almost works like mind reading, getting inside the heads of your customers and having a poke about to see what makes them choose a certain brand. It needs to convey the “must-have” factor and it needs to shout “pick me,” over all the other similar products out there.

We’ll put all our experience into your product branding to make whatever you’re selling look special and unique. It’s about creating that “whatever you’re selling, I’m buying” mindset. In other words, we’ll make you irresistible. People will come back for more.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines, also known as your brand Bible, brand style guide or brand tool kit are in essence your owners manual on how to ‘use’ your brand correctly, to keep your brand integrity consistent. They are there to be used by everyone who touches your brand, both internally and externally. These rules ensure that your brand image maintains consistency, which reassures the customer and employees.

Brand guidelines define the composition of the logos and how to use them, they dictate the corporate colour palette and use of fonts and they can also include the brand strategy, the corporate tone of voice, its personality and a set of structured templates that set out instructions on how to compile the content of a blog, advertisement or whole body of your marketing collateral, governed by your specific brand touch points, across channels and platforms.

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