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UKT360, formally UK Turntables, is an automobile turntable designer, manufacturer and installer.

UKT360 initially approached TRCREATIVE to rebrand the dealership side of the business. However, after much discussion, we discovered that the business itself needed a brand restructure to best position its different offerings and services to its target market.


UKT360 had the same logo and website to target its residential, car dealerships and motorbike dealership trade and confessed it was complicated and confusing to its customer base.

We suggested separating the different services to target each demographic much more clearly and simply and house them under one overarching company group.

UKT360 now have three separate websites, allowing them to talk to each audience more effectively. Following the brand architecture:

UKT360 Group

  • UKT360 Dealerships
  • UKT360 Motorcycles
  • UKT360 Residential