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Treetops Walkway


  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Literature
  • Promotional Material
  • Creative Design
  • Social
  • Signage


Treetops Walkway is the UK’s longest and highest treetop walkway in Kent. It’s over 350m long, stands at over 20m above the forest floor and takes at least 30 minutes to complete. It lets adventure seekers climb high along the ropes into the tree canopy of its ancient forest.

We were approached to create its brand identity. One that would appeal to all ages and demographics and be able to be applied to a multitude of promotional material including t-shirts, leaflets and signage.


We developed a brand identity based on a ‘stamp’ or a seal of completion as completing Treetops Walkway is a mission not for the faint hearted. Within the stamp we created a symbol which illustrates both a footprint and a tree to emphasise walking in the trees.