At 30 Gin



St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice and Rodney Densem Wines collaborated on creating a limited edition gin to commemorate St Luke’s 30 years of Hospice care.

After many taste tests they both decided on raspberry and blueberry flavours to enhance the Artisan gin. These flavours also coincided with the colours from the St Luke’s 30th Anniversary logo, pink and blue.

TRCREATIVE was tasked in creating the product brand and creative packaging design.


Inspired by the striking pink and blue colours TRCREATIVE showed them as an energetic, zesty, colour infusion designed to tantalise and tickle the tastebuds.

This explosion of colour was used on the back of the bottle, with the clean ‘AT 30 GIN’ product brand identity and description placed as a transparent label on the front. This allowed the bold background to show through and add depth and intrigue to the whole bottle design, to give it great shelf stand out.

As the gin was a limited edition batch of 600, we created a mini label where the Hospice could write the bottle number actually on to the bottle itself.