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Nantwich Food Festival



Nantwich Food Festival is a non for profit organisation run completely by volunteers. It’s a fantastic asset to the small floral town of Nantwich and draws in thousands of visitors from near and far, year on year over a September weekend.

We were approached to support the festival by working with them on their rebrand. The Nantwich Food Festival was extremely proud of what their creative volunteers had achieved since it’s humble beginnings back in 2010 but felt as the Festival continues to grow, the time was right to present a more professional and consistent brand image. As avid visitors to the festival and food lovers ourselves, we at TRCREATIVE jumped at the chance of getting our teeth into this exciting project to support this local festival.


Nantwich is a medieval market town famous for its black and white Tudor buildings. Using our creative design skills, we took elements from this famous Tudor work, combined with the synonymous symbols for food and drink, the fork, glass and spoon and wrapped them within a food and drink style label, so the brand identity could be easily added to various types of promotional material and maintain a strong, stand out effect.

We chose to use the three primary colours; red, yellow and blue to represent the food and drink utensils as the pure key ingredients that open up the whole world of flavours, tastes and smells.