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Is your brand the driving force in increasing sales or is it costing you business? Your customers must see the value in your brand and what it can offer them, otherwise they’ll spend their money with your competitor.

A successful rebrand can push a company head and shoulders above its competitors or even to a new target audience – it’s all about choosing the right rebranding agency for your brand.

TRCREATIVE are an experienced branding agency, and will guide you through the process, working directly with our senior designers to understand why your current brand doesn’t fit you any longer. Has your target audience changed or perhaps you offer a different product or service, have your brand values changed, or maybe even undergone a business merger – whatever the reason our experienced team of brand experts will help take your brand to the next level.

Here at TRCREATIVE it’s our promise to help our clients present their businesses in the best way possible, in order to achieve their goals.

Benefits and advantages of a rebrand

  1. Breathe new life into your business
  2. Engage with your target audience
  3. Engage and excite your own team members
  4. Update your brand personality, values, mission and purpose
  5. Increase sales with improved brand engagement
  6. Expand your company into a new market
  7. Move the business forward with a clearly defined strategy

Client Testimonial

“TRCREATIVE have worked on and continue to work on many of our projects. Their work has always been of a very high standard and delivered in a professional and timely manner. They really understand our business and are a pleasure to work with.”
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Knowledge is power. We always start in question mode. It’s the investigation part of the branding process. It’s about digging deep and unearthing all the information about your business. Granted, it’s not always going to be pretty but it’s the only way we can get a real feel for what is going on with your company or organisation. What makes you stand out from your competitors. How do you want to come across to the outside world? We address any problems you face and explore all the opportunities that exist or await. This research is invaluable when it comes to identifying weak spots or gaps that need to be strengthened/filled.


Once the groundwork research is done, we can start to really define what your brand is about – what it stands for and its core purpose. This is the “verbal” bit of the brand. Think of it as our “define before design” stage. We need to know what your brand narrative is before we can visually tell your story. By narrative, we mean how you would sum up your brand in words, like a headline or a paragraph. What do you want your brand to say to people? At this point, we’re already thinking how this verbal part will connect with the initial visual part of the branding process. Verbal and any early visual elements should ideally influence each other and come together or at least bounce off each other so we can prepare for the main design work, which becomes part of the overall story you want to tell.


Now the design work can start. Our designers will be fully briefed and the entire creative process is discussed in detail. The ideas begin to bounce back and forth until the strongest ones start to flow in the right direction. And if we need to do more research or have more discussions at this stage, we will. Then we’ll create 3 different concepts for you to choose from. This will give you an ideal opportunity to compare and contrast – to see which design speaks to you the most.


Decision time, action time. This is when everything comes together – the preparatory research and the verbal and visual work of steps 1 and 2 have been carefully crafted into concepts that represent your brand. We showcase each one so you know exactly what to expect, which helps when it comes to picking “the one”. Once you’ve decided and everything’s agreed, we implement the concept and move it forward. Good execution at this stage means a successful launch. It means your brand will be seen, heard, and understood across all of your brand touch points and social channels.


Once your brand is launched across all of your brand touch points, we know there’s still work to be done. To us, this “develop” stage is an on-going one because brand work needs to be monitored and progressed. We need to see how it comes across to people, how it engages them and makes them take notice. Whether that be, for example, an advertising campaign, brochure design, website or internal communications. We’re on this brand journey together. Our focus and commitment keeps your brand and design collateral fresh, relevant and targeted.

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