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Your customers must see the value in your brand and what it can offer them, otherwise, they’ll spend their money with your competitor.

Your customers must see the value in your brand and what it can offer them; otherwise, they’ll spend their money with your competitor.

Is your brand the driving force in increasing sales or is it costing you business? Your customers must see the value in your brand and what it can offer them; otherwise, they’ll spend their money with your competitor.

A successful rebrand can push a company head and shoulders above its competitors or even to a new target audience – it’s all about choosing the right rebranding agency for your brand.

There’s truth in the saying that a change is as good as rest. The business will suffer if your brand is tired and not performing as well as it once did. Customers don’t want “tired”, they want fresh and up-to-date; they want to buy from an energised brand that’s full of optimism and passion, a brand that reflects the quality of the company it represents.


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TRCREATIVE are an experienced branding agency, and will guide you through the process. Starting with outlining and defining your brand strategy, to understand why your current brand doesn’t fit you any longer. Has your target audience changed or perhaps you offer a different product or service, have your brand values changed, or maybe even undergone a business merger – whatever the reason our experienced team of brand experts will help take your brand to the next level.

Here at TRCREATIVE it’s our promise to help our clients present their businesses in the best way possible, in order to achieve their goals.

Types of rebrands

Rebranding comes in many formats, from a more simple brand refresh by using elements from your existing brand but making them more up to date or relevant, to a whole new corporate identity, to a larger full-scale rebrand of a brand family, where we rebrand the parent brand and the sub-brands within the whole brand architecture or brand group:



Rebranding a group of companies

In this instance, we can either create a monolithic brand, an endorsed brand or a house of brands.

Brand Architecture

  1. Monolithic brands
    Give consistency and unity to a group of companies. Each constituent follows the master brand’s lead. Because they are consistent, it helps a group cross-sell to its customer base more easily.
  2. Endorsed brands
    Show a consistent link between the master brand and the constituent brand – think the Olympic games logos.
  3. House of brands
    Have no consistent brand image with each subsidiary having its own, individual identity but always show the master brand image on marketing literature, website footer or back of pack.





Whatever the reason our experienced team of brand experts will help take your brand to the next level.

Working with the right rebranding agency is paramount to the success of pushing your current brand into a new, all engaging brand persona that your target audience and employees will fall in love with.

The importance of making sure your branding is well-defined and authentic can’t be overstated, giving your customers a vital peek into your company culture and priorities. Done right, your brand is one of the most valuable assets your company or product has – but if your current branding isn’t working for you, it might be time to consider switching things up a little.




5 key signs to consider a rebrand

  1. You’ve changed your strategy
    If your strategic plans and goals have changed since you first began trading or launched your product, maybe it’s time to rethink your branding? Failure to change when the time is right could lead you to fall behind your competitors and ultimately lose you custom.
  2. Your brand no longer represents you
    Your brand is your calling card to the world, and if it’s no longer representational of your values, services or product, it might be time for a change. Whether you established your company 5 years ago or 50 years ago, perhaps what you thought your company would become didn’t come to fruition – and instead, you evolved into something else. There is no need to stick with your original branding if it’s not getting across the message you want it to.
  3. You’re targeting a new market
    Looking to expand into other markets or target other demographics? It might be time to call in the rebranding team. What served you well in the past could well hold you back when it comes to sourcing new customers in the present, so if your current brand feels like a weight around your neck rather than an asset, consider investing in a new image.
  4. You didn’t prioritise branding early on
    When first setting up a business or launching a product, it’s entirely possible you had neither the time, knowledge or resources to create quite the sort of brand you would have liked. If you find yourself feeling embarrassment rather than pride every time you hand over your business card, don’t be afraid to rebrand.
  5. You are alienating top talent
    Top companies want to attract the best talent, and if your current branding is proving off-putting to the best potential new staff, then considering changing it is an entirely valid and proactive choice. Without great team members, it will be hard to see real growth in the future – you need talented people with big ideas who are capable of getting things done. If employees with these qualities are running for the hills, it’s probably time for a change.


Benefits and advantages of a rebrand

  1. Breathe new life into your business
  2. Engage with your target audience
  3. Engage and excite your own team members
  4. Update your brand personality, values, mission and purpose
  5. Increase sales with improved brand engagement
  6. Expand your company into a new market
  7. Move the business forward with a clearly defined strategy



Re-branding Agency
Re-branding Agency
Re-branding Agency

Case Study

Eze Talk Group

We rebranded Eze Talk Group using a monolithic brand architecture across its 8 brands. Check out the case study to find out more.

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