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Your customers must see the value in your brand and what it can offer them,
otherwise, they’ll spend their money with your competitor.

Is your brand the driving force in increasing sales or is it costing you business? If it’s the latter, then what would happen if you didn’t invest in a rebrand?

There’s truth in the saying, a change is as good as rest. If your brand is tired and not performing as good as it once did, business will suffer. Customers don’t want “tired”, they want fresh and up to date; they want to buy from an energised brand that’s full of optimism and passion, a brand that reflects the quality of the company it represents.

We specialise in this field because we’ve built up a great deal of experience through rebranding.

TRCREATIVE will guide you through the project process, working directly with our senior designers to understand why your current brand identity doesn’t represent you as well as it should.

Has your product or service changed, do you have a different target audience, maybe a business merger, or you just want a new look that is consistent and professional?

Rebranding comes in many formats, from a more simple brand refresh by using elements from your existing brand but making them more up to date or relevant, to a whole new corporate identity, to a larger full scale rebrand of a brand family, where we rebrand the parent brand and the sub brands within the whole brand architecture or brand group. In this instance we can either create a monolithic brand, an endorsed brand or a house of brands.

Monolithic sub brands
Give consistency and unity to a group of companies. Each constituent follows the master brand’s lead. Because they are consistent, it helps a group cross sell to its customer base more easily.

Endorsed sub brands
Show a consistent link between the master brand and the constituent brand – think the Olympic games logos.

House of brands
Have no consistent brand image with each subsidiary having it’s own, individual identity but always show the master brand image on marketing literature, website footer or back of pack.

Whatever the reason our experienced team of brand experts will help take your brand to the next level.

Rebranding Agency
Rebranding Agency
Rebranding Agency

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Eze Talk Group

Brand is EVERYTHING. Your brand is much more than just a logo, it is pivotal in the success of a great business. Your brand persuades and influences a potential customer whether or not to buy in to your business. A great brand tells a story, easily acquires new followers and makes a potential customer a returning one, time and time again.

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