Brand Strategy

Our Brand Strategies outline

  • Why (Brand Purpose)
  • How’s (Actionable Brand Values)
  • What’s (What you do)
  • Brand Differentiators 
  • Brand Experiences
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Positioning
  • Value Propositions

There are many ways to outline a brand strategy. A good place to start is to utilise a brand strategy framework such as a brand pyramid, brand house or a brand onion. Most agencies use different models and have different brand strategy development approaches.

At TRCREATIVE, we’re a brand strategy agency and we believe the most powerful strategy starts with ‘Why’; your brand purpose, cause or belief. Why does the company exist beyond making money, and why should anyone care? Money is a result and not a motivator. So what does your brand want to achieve past that? 

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In 2010 Simon Sinek gave his now-famous TED Talk, How great leaders inspire action by starting with, Why.

We are passionate followers and believers in Simon Sinek’s, Why and use his Golden Circle model as the foundation when creating brand strategies.

We favour this method as it talks to your customers and potential customers on the emotional level by going through the Neo-cortex, the part of the brain that deals with logic, rational thought and language, and straight through to the emotional area of the brain, called the Limbic Brain. The part of the brain that focuses on feeling and gut emotion.

Feeling and gut emotion are important because it helps to attract people that believe what you believe. In addition, having a shared belief helps to encourage customer and staff loyalty and, therefore, longevity. Think, Apple and its ‘cult’ following. Apple has a strong, ‘Why’, to ‘challenge the status quo by thinking differently.’

Start with 'Why' Workshop
Start with 'Why' Workshop

Start with 'Why' Workshop

Defining a company, ‘Why’ starts with a brand strategy workshop with a key selection of your team. Throughout this workshop, we delve into what really makes you tick and how you go about it. By the end of the workshop, we’ll have drafted your, ‘Why’ statement along with your actionable ‘How’s’, your guiding principles and core values.

Using that as a basis, we can then start outlining your brand strategy.

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