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STREET Restaurant


  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Literature
  • Website Design & Build


STREET the aptly named STREET food restaurant approached us to create their new brand identity. This cool, quirky new restaurant was to open on Welsh Row and have a large focus on Asian styled street food cuisine.


STREET wanted to use a stand alone symbol as well as a full logo, so that both could be used on promotional material and literature such as stickers, grease proof paper, food cartons, menus, signage, on social and on their website.

We took the ubiquitous food and drink symbols of a fork and spoon, the abbreviated ‘ST’ used in street signs for street, forward arrows to evoke fast service and separated them with chopstix to tie in with their predominantly Asian street food offering. All of these combined in creating a ‘badge’ label that can be applied to a whole suite of stand out marketing materials.

Visit the website here >