Corporate Brand Identity

As an experienced corporate branding agency, TRCREATIVE believe a brand is a company’s essence, its tone of voice, its personality, its vision, and its culture. It’s the visual solution that brings your brand strategy to life.

At TRCREATIVE, we LOVE creating new brand identities!

We find it exciting to transform an idea into a visual reality that resonates with your customers and drives business growth, whether a complete rebrand, brand refresh or start-up ready to make its mark on the world.




Brand identity for Nantwich Food Festival



Before getting stuck into the creative, we suggest revisiting or defining your company’s brand strategy.

A brand strategy is a high-profile 5-25 year plan that outlines and defines internal and external alignment. Fundamentally, it’s the blueprint that feeds the creative and helps develop a clear brand identity, messaging and style that resonates with your customers and reflects the company’s values and personality. Your brand strategy and brand guidelines acts as a guide that can be applied to all creative design, marketing and advertising moving forward to ensure that each piece of collateral is consistently on brand and driven towards your overall mission and vision.

If you’re just looking for a bespoke logo design, we can help with that too.



Brand identity for Loco Mexican Restaurant & Bar



The logo is the visual representation of a company and its brand identity. A well-designed logo can help a company to create a unique identity and make it easier for customers to remember the company and its products. Investing in corporate branding or rebranding is essential for companies that want to stand out from their competitors and succeed in today’s competitive business trends and environment.

Creating a simple, memorable, and unique logo is important if you’re looking for logo design tips. A good logo should be easily recognisable and work well in various sizes and formats. Logo design inspiration can be found by researching other successful brands in your industry and beyond.



Logo design for HF Angling



Don’t risk using copyrighted images from stock libraries like iStockphoto and Shutterstock, which prohibit you from using their logos commercially. Instead, work with TRCREATIVE—a professional branding agency that can provide you with high-quality logo designs to help you achieve your business goals.

At TRCREATIVE our process is always the same. It starts at the discovery phase, we need to understand your business and its objectives, so we can define the problem, develop ideas in the right direction and deliver the goods.



Brand identity design for Impeccable

Corporate Branding FAQs

Q. What is corporate branding or corporate brand identity?

Corporate branding defines your company’s look, feel, say and do. It’s your company’s reputation. One of the elements of corporate branding is brand identity design which is the process of creating and promoting a company’s brand identity.

Q. Why is corporate branding important?

Corporate branding is important because it helps differentiate a company from its competitors, build customer trust, and attract new customers. Effective branding can also help to increase brand recognition and loyalty.

Q. What are the key elements of corporate branding?

The key elements of corporate branding include brand strategy, brand identity, brand messaging, brand management, and marketing and advertising.

Q. What is the difference between brand strategy and brand identity?

Brand strategy is the overall master plan for how a company looks, says, feels and does. It defines a brand purpose, a reason to believe in your company instead of your competitor. A brand strategy outlines the company’s brand purpose, mission, vision, values, archetype and customer profiles, amongst other things. In contrast, a brand identity refers to the visual elements of a company’s brand, such as its logo, colours, typography and style.

Q. How do I create a strong brand identity?

You should first identify your brand strategy. Defining your reason to exist beyond making money and why anyone should care is crucial, as this will dictate how you show up. Then, you can create visual and verbal elements that reflect these values and beliefs and appeal to your target audience. This will include designing a logo, selecting brand colours and typography, and developing a brand voice and messaging.

Q. Why shouldn’t I use logo maker apps?

A logo is one of the most important elements of your branding. It is the visual representation of your company and should be unique, memorable and targeted to your business. A logo maker app cannot create a unique, targeted logo for your business. They are generic and thousands if not millions of businesses all trade using the same logo icon. How can your business stand out, build a great reputation and be memorable if it’s the same as everyone elses.

Q. What is brand management?

Brand management is the process of maintaining and protecting a company’s brand identity over time, which involves monitoring how customers and the public perceive the brand, and taking steps to address any issues that arise.

Q. What is the role of marketing and advertising in corporate branding?

Marketing and advertising are key components of corporate branding, as they help to promote a company’s brand identity and build awareness among its target audience. This may include creating advertisements, developing marketing campaigns, and engaging with customers on social media.

Q. How can I measure the success of my corporate branding efforts?

There are several ways to measure the success of your corporate branding efforts, such as tracking brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. This is done through qualitative and quantitive research, such as conducting customer surveys, focus groups, social listening and engagement to analytics to gather feedback on your brand identity and messaging.

Q. Do I need to work with a professional design agency for my corporate branding?

While it’s possible to create your own brand identity and marketing materials, working with a professional design agency like TRCREATIVE can ensure that your branding and logo design are of the highest quality and help you to achieve your business goals. A professional design agency can also provide valuable insights and expertise on branding and marketing strategies.

Q. How often should I review and update my corporate branding?

It’s important to regularly review and update your corporate branding to ensure that it remains relevant and effective. This may involve updating your logo with a rebrand or brand messaging or adjusting your marketing and advertising strategies to reach your target audience better.

Q. Why shouldn’t I use a stock icon for my company logo?

You might not want to use a stock image for your company logo for a couple of reasons. First, using a stock image for your logo or trademark may be prohibited by the stock image libraries’ licensing restrictions, such as istockphoto.com. Second, using a stock image will not be unique or memorable enough to represent your company. As with logo maker apps, the logo won’t be unique or authentic to your brand image. How can your business stand out, build a great reputation and be memorable if it’s the same as everyone elses.

Corporate Brand Identity
Corporate Brand Identity
Corporate Brand Identity

Case Study


UK Turntables, was an automobile turntable designer, manufacturer and installer.

UK Turntables initially approached TRCREATIVE to rebrand the dealership side of the business. However, after much discussion, we discovered that the business itself needed a brand restructure to best position its different offerings and services to its target market, so it would be much clearer, aligned and not confusing to team members of customers.

We rebranded UK Turntables to UKT360, along with creating monolithic sub-brands for UKT360 Dealerships, UKT360 Motorcycles and UKT360 Residential.

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