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Introducing a vibrant new look fuelled by creativity, passion & direct communication

Why we’ve rebranded

We’re coming up to our 10th year in business and have evolved quite a bit since we started. So much so that we didn’t feel that our previous identity represented the agency we have become.

We spent some much needed TLC on understanding ourselves, stripping everything back and simplifying our core, to define our own brand strategy. We outlined what makes us tick, what we believe and what it is we offer that is different to our competitors.

We’ve been on an enlightening journey and now have a bold, energetic and exciting new look that we’re really proud of. At the heart, we’re still the same agency, just with a much more clearly defined direction and outlook.

the big ’t’


We’ve adopted the Modernists’ ideology, that the three primary colours and the three primary shapes link colour to form and embraced this belief to build our foundation, our fundamental tool which opens up the whole spectrum of colour, form and function to enables us to create and build, bespoke targeted work.

We’ve taken these symbols and used them to outline our three key offerings of creative design, website design and build and digital marketing.


The brand style hosts a vibrant colour palette and a library of dynamic icons based around the three primary shapes, a mixture of hand crafted and computer generated marks to reinforce our three key offerings and also illustrate the endless possibilities and interpretations of bespoke design. Also conveying our playful, imaginative and creative nature.

What We Value

  • Passion

    Share and inspire

  • Imagination

    Fuel your ideas

  • Curiosity

    Try, learn & develop

  • Relationships

    Be friendly & thoughtful

  • Integrity

    Keep it real


To help our clients present their businesses in the best way possible, in order to achieve their goals.

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TR stands for TEAM REWARDS, our sister company. TEAMREWARDS are a marketing company, specialising in Employee Benefits.

TRCREATIVE and TEAMREWARDS have rebranded to show a more consistent brand look, as we work more closely together.


We wanted a completely fresh new look and one that didn’t draw paralels with any of our competitors. Utilising the fresh mint does that, along with the vibrant palette of secondary colours we’ve created to draw from.

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