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Ecommerce SEO Services

As an experienced ecommerce SEO agency, our ecommerce SEO service is an end-to-end solution for your online shop. We consider ourselves ecommerce SEO specialist.

More and more users are choosing to buy online as opposed to the traditional high street, this trend is even greater when you consider mobile users. Although the competition for an ecommerce website design is strong, whether you’re an existing brand or a new website we’ll work closely with you to analyse your market, your competitors and what they’re doing right and wrong.

Our in-house developers work with our ecommerce SEO experts to optimise your company website, WordPress, Craft CMS, Opencart or any other ecommerce platform – we can work with them all. We often get asked, which ecommerce platform is the best… the answer… it depends on your requirements.

Ecommerce SEO Services

With such a saturated marketplace, Ecommerce SEO is all about attracting the correct user… one that converts from a user to a customer.

Benefits of Ecommerce SEO:

  • Improved rankings
  • Enhanced listings (reviews, images, prices etc).
  • More traffic, therefore more sales

Technical Audit

The first step of the process will be for our SEO team to perform an audit of your current company website, how you’re currently performing in the search engines and any potential technical issues that are common with ecommerce website. Before we proceed, these will be fixed to provide us with a solid foundation for your SEO campaign.

Product Page Optimisation

Perhaps the most important aspect, is product page SEO. If you’re selling a similar product to a competitor, then we need to make sure your product description is unique on all your product pages – no duplicate content. We’ll use keyword research and experienced copywriters to perfect the copy and our developers will use our tools to fine-tune your schema markup to optimise your product pages.

Ecommerce SEO Keywords

Like any other SEO campaign, the keyword research is paramount the success of the campaign. Whether we focus on a category page, a product or your general website, the findings will help us define the strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As a CRO agency, we can work closely with you to plan a strategic campaign to not only convert your traffic into sales but also improve the rate at which visitors turn into customers.

Category Page

The hub of your website, we’ll improve the user experience by using tools to track the current usage, position in organic search and analysing the research we’ll suggest changes to the pages copy, the structure and the child categories. Think of it like a department store, where concessions are grouped by product type.

Ecommerce SEO audit

We’d love to provide a free audit of your online shop. Get in touch and one of our SEO experts will manually review your website and provide a hand-written audit.

To compliment your SEO campaign, we would highly recommend running PPC and/or Social Media Advertising. The beauty of running both together is that it allows you to make the most of your paid for traffic. If someone has clicked your website from Google Ads, you can then retarget them on social media with another advert – perhaps an offer to entice them back to your shop.


Why use an Agency for your e-commerce website?

Simply put, hiring a specialist ecommerce SEO Agency can take out the guesswork and time required to optimise your e-commerce websites. Whether that be the optimisation of category pages, writing optimised product description or ensuring your brand is the authority for the products you’re selling. As experts, we know SEO inside out, from technical SEO through to off-page link building.

Can TRCREATIVE help with my SEO strategy?

We’d love to help you with an e-commerce SEO strategy. Whether you have 10 products or 10,000 products, we can help plan and optimise your website. From on-page to off-page optimisation we can even help with writing blogs to promote your products.

Tips to optimise an ecommerce website?

  1. Unique product descriptions – if you’re selling the same products as your competitor you need to make sure you’re not using the same product descriptions.
  2. Optimised meta tags to target buyer intent searchers
  3. Unique category descriptions

What other digital marketing do you recommend for a shop?

Social Media advertising and PPC work hand-in-hand with an online shop.

Why is SEO important for ecommerce?

More and more users are buying online and most of them start their search on using search engines like Google. They may not know your company, but they will know the product they’re looking to purchase – this is why SEO is important, your online shop needs at the top of the search results when they’re ready to buy or if we want to be technical, when the search is transactional eg; ‘buy {product} online’.

What is ecommerce SEO?

Making sure, that when customers are ready to buy, your online store is the one they find and eventaully buy from. TRCREATIVE are specialists in search engine optimisation.