Oat Brunch


  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Promotional Material


In 2017 Mornflake hosted an event called the Oat Brunch. It was based in Dubai where they invited 30 of the countries top bloggers to come and try recipes made by local chefs, using their range of their oats.

For this event TRCREATIVE was asked to create the brand identity, recipe book and other general marketing and promotional collateral to go along with it.

The brief was to create a traditional, corporate identity that wouldn’t be out of place on a rustic, organic market stall. The key ingredient in it, was that it also had to feature the Mornflake logo.


We approached the brief much like a food label. The identity needed to be enclosed with all of the information within it, so that it could be easily applied to all of the marketing collateral. We added in illustrations of oats, the logo, the date and all important name and to finish off, we gave it two nails and a ‘weathered’ overlay to really give it that rustic look.

We then used a textured blackboard background, along with a chalk typeface and cut out photographs of the key ingredients to enhance the farmers market brand style.