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The Fitzrovia Centre


  • Creative Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Product Branding
    • Packaging Design
  • Web Design & Build
    • Ecommerce Website
    • Content Management System
  • Digital Marketing
    • Paid Social


The Fitzrovia Centre, a new haircare brand wanted a new quintessentially British, brand identity to initially appeal to a target market in Asia which focused on male hair loss. It was essential to The Fitzrovia Centre to portray a traditional yet modern brand image and to also be seen as scientific and authoritative. The new brand needed to be applied to a range of haircare products, marketing materials and an e-commerce website.


For the brand identity, in order to hit the objectives of traditional yet modern, scientific and authoritative and to also appeal to the male market in Asia, we put our heads together and progressed a regal British crest. Each element on the crest through creative design and illustration is specifically chosen to represent luck, health, wealth, beauty and knowledge.

The pheasants represent the unity of the two nations, Britain and Asia. The Rod of Asclepius and the Lotus flowers symbolise health and wellbeing. The crown suggests wealth and power. The Butterflies illustrate the beauty and the St Georges’s cross on the shield epitomises Britishness. The crest is finished off with the Latin phrase, ‘Ad Orbem Per Scientia’, which translates to ‘To The World Through Science.’

The design is registered as a Trade Mark to protect it.

We have also designed and developed the new responsive ecommerce, Content Management System website.

Visit the website here >