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Cheshire Hotels

Your stay in Cheshire can be massively complemented with the help of quality accommodations.

There are many pleasant attractions across the area including Tudor Buildings, Castles and more. The area itself has become a popular place for many top UK celebrities to settle.

With a wealth of accommodations in this area, you can enjoy excellent restaurants and the surrounding attractions like the Roman town of Chester, all from a convenient accommodation location.

Here are some of the top hotels in Cheshire for you:

Allium by Mark Ellis, Tattenhall

Located in Tattenhall, Cheshire. The boutique rooms here are each designed to be extremely luxurious and they are built with a series of bespoke furnishings that can showcase a beautiful style. Located close to a series of attractions, the restaurant here is excellent and each of the rooms has comfortable amenities that will bring you back regularly.

The Bears Paw, Sandbach

Located in Sandbach, Cheshire, these accommodations are widely considered some of the best in the area. With a recently renovated interior, the beauty of this manor house showcases 19th-century heritage with antique old flooring, an amazing restaurant and open fires throughout the common areas.

As a close location to Beeston Castle, this is one of the best places to enjoy a beautiful walking route as well as explore Warmingham and the surrounding area.

The Coach House Inn, Chester

The Coach House Inn is a popular location that can be found in the heart of the city of Chester. The overall mix of contemporary and traditional styles can deliver a very casual feel that is extremely comfortable. The hearty pub style meals at the restaurant will definitely welcome you in and the cultural district of the area can give you a wonderful place to explore during the daytime and for nightlife. This remains one of the best places to enjoy the Wales coastal path and the Chester Cathedral.

80 Watergate street, Chester

This is another boutique hotel built in a Georgian house. As one of the premier B&Bs for the area, this is a adults only accommodation along the River Dee. With close access to many of the main attractions in Chester, this location has some beautiful rooms which are each styled in their own way. The antique styling here will welcome you home with a quaint charm.

The Pheasant Inn

With 12 rooms available, this location is in a quiet area of Cheshire. Towards the outskirts of Chester, this is a rustic in with its own smaller public and a series of beautiful rooms along the way. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, this is a location that offers close access to Holt Castle and Beeston Castle. The hotel also features some amazing views.

Keep some of these top hotels in Cheshire in mind if you are looking for quality accommodations during your stay. Any one of these excellent stops can help you make the most of the attractions in the area.

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