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Do You Want to Set Up a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign Like This One?

Do You Want to Set Up a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign Like This One?

The impact of Covid-19 might have triggered a major shift in shopping habits but it doesn’t mean people have stopped spending. On the contrary, online shopping has skyrocketed in certain sectors. At TRCREATIVE, we are excited to share the results of a recent successful Facebook ad campaign. We made sure one of our clients, an online fishmonger, maximised their ad spend to significantly boost sales.

Take a look at the following stats, particularly the all-important return on ad spend (ROAS). Simply put, this is the total revenue generated from your Facebook ads divided by your total ad spend.

  • Our client reached a huge £29.16 ROAS
  • Every £1 our client spent on advertising generated £29.16 in sales
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) = £0.08
  • Average customer purchase = £105

Maximise Your Profits

The team at TRCREATIVE targeted multiple audience groups across Facebook and we were delighted with the results. In March 2020, our client’s lowest return per £1 of ad spend was £17.31 while the highest was £37.26. Overall, for an ad spend of just £271.81, we generated £8,048.30 in sales for our client.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has been hugely challenging and difficult for some businesses. However, people are spending more time online. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to target potential customers with a well-executed Facebook ad campaign to raise awareness of your brand and get those conversions. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same success as our online fishmonger and other clients. It may seem a daunting task without the help and support of a Facebook ads agency because you do need to know your ROAS from your CPC and CTR. That’s where we step in.

At TRCREATIVE, we know our stuff. We thrive on the challenge. We love assessing the data. We know how targeted online advertising can benefit your business type. If you are thinking about running a Facebook ad campaign, now could be the best time to make it happen. Contact us on 01270 610441 for a chat. We will explore your situation in more detail, plan your campaign and deliver results.

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