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SSL Certificates: All you need to know

SSL Certificates: All you need to know

Whether you run a business online or you only head to a computer for personal use, you may or may not have heard of a SSL Certificates. Unless your job is in computers or you need to have a good knowledge of how a computer system works, most people will not notice SSL Certificates in their day to day use. But, if you are relying on a computer system for your business it is important to know what SSL Certificates do, who needs them and how they affect a website’s ranking on Google.

In short, if you have a website then it’s becoming increasingly important to have SSL Certificates. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates are nothing like the certificates you may be used to seeing, the simple pieces of paper that are framed and displayed. In fact, SSL Certificates are much more similar to small data files. These files work together to create a bond between different parts of a server and browser using keys and codes, binding them to all the important information.

In short, SSL Certificates works to create secure connections; this is shown by the padlock icon that many URLs show. The padlock shows that they are secure connections and data is safe; all web traffic between the server and browser is secure and free from being misused or misplaced.

What Are The Benefits of SSL Certificates?

The obvious benefit of an SSL Certificate is that it provides a secure way for important information to be sent across the web. Whether you are transferring money, making a purchase or logging in to a website using an email address it is important that the information cannot be stolen.

However, there other benefits to having an SSL Certificate that are often overlooked.

  • SSL Certificates provide browser privacy.
  • They create customer trust and allow a user to visit a website knowing their information is safe and secure.
  • SSL Certificates improve conversion rates and sales as customers are more likely to buy knowing their bank details and payment information are safe.

SSL Certificates also increases a website’s rankings on Google. Google has recently placed an emphasis on encouraging online security and making the internet a safer place. As part of this initiative, Google now takes note of pages that are secured with an SSL Certificate and allows its searches to crawl HTTPS pages by default; a HTTPS is one that is secured by an SSL Certificate. This means that if you have SSL Certificates your website is likely to rank higher than those who do not. Whereas previously Google has ranked websites using things like SEO, keywords, links and traffic. It is now using SSL Certificates as a ranking factor.

Simply, if you’re website isn’t secure using SSL Certificates it could struggle to rank well for search terms.

Another problem with not having an SSL Certificate is that Google Chrome is now showing website without an SSL as non-secure. For example, those that are secure will display a message telling a user that, so they know that the website they are using is safe. However, those without HTTPS will carry a warning saying something along the lines of “your connection to the site is not secure” and they will be warned about entering important information. So, even if your website is secure unless it has an SSL Certificate people will be put off of using it.

This means less traffic and fewer sales.

Who Needs SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates where previously most commonly used among businesses who need a secure connection, such as those who are taking bank details from customers or private information. Any website that processes logins, handles credit card transactions and data transfer also used them. However, it is now important that all websites consider an SSL Certificate.

Without an SSL Certificate a website will struggle to rank well in Google and will appear to be non-secure to users, both of which will have a knock on effect in regards to traffic and rankings.

To find out more about getting SSL Certificates and how to increase your website security, get in touch. At trCREATIVE we understand the importance of web safety and Google rankings, and we are able to help. Get in touch today.

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