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Graphic design trend predictions for 2023

Graphic design trend predictions for 2023

Not too long ago, the world loved flat, subtle design and refined typography. Now, things have changed. The digital world will continue reinventing how we see things on and off the screen and blur the lines in between.

The latest graphic design trends in 2023 offer a glimpse into the future and invite us to look at a world of new depths, colours, and shapes.

I’ve outlined three of what I believe are the most exciting styles and graphic design trends for 2023.

Trend #1: 3D

3D keeps getting better and better for Graphic Design, bringing extra depth to typography, characters, and scenes. In addition, the world based on 3D geometry and an experimental play of colours seem endless and fun.

We see 3D Memphis Style continuing to grow in the work of Leo Natsume and textured 3D, such as Ramy Wafaa’s 3D Clay Modelling Illustrations. My personal favourite 3D lettering artist, David Milan, always brings exciting, fluid and bold type to the table.

Trend #2: Distorted Typography

Distorting typography is not a new thing. When I was at university, I loved the work of Neville Brody and David Carson. Together, they pushed the boundaries of their time chopping up, morphing and dirtying lettering – which was frowned upon and not done before. Still, rules are made to be broken, thank goodness.

Now we have more freedom to be expressive and digital tools to manipulate typography without the need for Letraset or a photocopier.

Stretched, fractured, liquid and intertwined letters give 2023’s quirkiest font trends, which can be seen in the work of Gonzalo Rodriguez STUDIO and Laura Normand.

Trend #3: Illustrated Photography

Pushing the idea of ‘After Lunch’ a Patrick Caufield painting, to the next level, 2023 will morph the digital and physical world by blurring the boundaries in fun and expressive ways. Playfully adding vibrant splashes of colour, illustrations and hand-drawn type to set the atmosphere and help translate a point of view, tell stories and sell ideas.

Graphic designer and illustrators Andreea Robescu and Hattie Stewart are particularly good at bringing life to real-life photographs for eye-catching magazine covers.

Final thoughts

The latest technology in the world of 3D, AI, photography, typography and illustration will push the imagination of designers to new extremes, and I can’t wait to see what emerges in 2023.

Lynsey Edwards BA (Hons) M.C.S.D

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