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We’re Officially a Google Partner

We’re Officially a Google Partner

We’re very pleased to announce that TRCREATIVE has recently been awarded Google Partner status. This unlocks a range of benefits that we’re excited to share with our clients who trust us to manage their online advertising campaigns. As far as we know, we’re the only creative agency in our local area to have this credential.

As an official Google Partner, we have:

  • Demonstrated Google Ads skills and expertise
  • Met Google ad spend requirements
  • Delivered company/agency and client revenue growth
  • Sustained and grown our client base

Mike Lawson, co-founder of TCREATIVE, says, “We’re proud to achieve Google Partner status. This professional accreditation demonstrates our product knowledge and expertise in paid search, which confirms we offer the latest and best digital marketing services to existing and future clients.”

Google Partner status is made official with a badge that we use on our website and marketing materials, online and offline. It’s an instantly recognisable sign that confirms we’ve met performance requirements and possess the required skill set to research and set up well-structured and highly effective Google Ads campaigns.

How does Google Partner Status benefit our clients? At a glance, it shows that we’ve passed exams and we’re qualified to do a professional job when it comes to growing their business. In more detail, here are other benefits outlined:

Run cost-effective campaigns

Google Ads certification reassures our clients that their advertising budget is in safe hands. We have a certified affiliated person within our team to manage Google Ads and make most of all the options available, which can otherwise be overwhelming, unproductive and expensive if you’re not familiar with all the features and settings.

In the loop with the latest updates

We have direct access to Google’s beta features, product updates and new applications. This allows us to test and use new features in order to run the most up-to-date campaign for our clients, keeping them ahead of the competition.

Maintaining high standards

We have to continue to perform well and maintain Google’s standards in order to keep our Google Partner status. Our clients know that we meet account management best practices, which means they’ll get the most out of Google Ads.

Share expert knowledge

We have direct access to a Google representative who can advise on any account issues, suggest improvements and help resolve any problems super-quick so our clients don’t lose out. We can also share advice with other partners within the Google community.

Access to training and support

We’re invited to attend Google events and have access to the latest training and support, which is always reflected in the efficient management of our clients’ accounts.

Actively running campaigns

The Partner badge shows we’ve met the 90-day ad-spend requirement across our managed accounts and therefore are actively managing a number of client accounts.

Ultimately, Google Partner status brings peace of mind to our clients. It is official proof that we really know what we’re doing in the competitive and often complex world of Google Ads and latest PPC practices. It’s about providing a premium service that compliments your SEO. Above all, it’s about making sure our clients grow their business in the most productive and cost-effective way.

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