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Center Parc’s Europe Rebrand

Center Parc’s Europe Rebrand

DesignStudio, a leading branding agency, has recently rebranded Center Parcs, a popular holiday destination in Europe. The new branding, which includes a new logo and visual identity, aims to capture the natural beauty of the forest and the unique experiences that guests can enjoy at Center Parcs.

The rebranding process began with research and discovery, where DesignStudio conducted extensive research to understand the values and emotions that Center Parcs represents for its guests. The research revealed that the forest and its unique experiences, such as tree-top adventure courses, were at the heart of the Center Parcs brand. With this insight, Design.Studio set out to create a new visual identity that would reflect the forest’s natural beauty and the guests’ adventurous spirit.

The new logo features a stylised tree that embodies the natural beauty of the forest and the sense of adventure that guests can expect when they visit Center Parcs. The new visual identity also includes a colour palette inspired by the forest, with shades of green, brown and blue that evoke a sense of serenity and adventure. The typography used in the new branding is bold and playful, capturing the fun and energetic atmosphere of Center Parcs.

In addition to the new visual identity, DesignStudio also developed a new brand strategy for Center Parcs. The strategy focuses on positioning Center Parcs as a destination for families and friends to connect and make memories in the heart of the forest. Furthermore, the strategy emphasises the unique experiences that Center Parcs offers, such as tree-top adventure courses and the sense of relaxation and serenity that guests can enjoy in the forest.

To accompany the new visual identity and brand strategy, DesignStudio also created a series of illustrations to further bring to life the natural beauty and unique experiences of Center Parcs. The illustrations depict various activities and scenes that guests can enjoy at the holiday destination, such as a family enjoying a bike ride through the forest or a group of friends laughing while on a tree-top adventure course. The illustrations are whimsical, energetic and brightly coloured, capturing the playful spirit of Center Parcs. They serve as a visual representation of the brand’s promise of a fun, adventurous and memorable experience for all the family.

The illustrations are being used across Center Parcs’ marketing materials, from their website to their social media and advertisements. They help to further communicate the brand’s messaging and positioning and provide a visual representation of the experiences guests can expect at Center Parcs.

Overall, DesignStudio’s rebranding of Center Parcs showcases the expertise branding agencies can bring to a rebranding project. From researching and understanding a brand’s values and emotions to create a brand strategy, visual identity and illustrations that effectively communicate those values and feelings. A branding agency like DesignStudio or TRCREATIVE can help a brand like Center Parcs succeed in its rebranding efforts.

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